About Sweetpeas Montessori Preschool

A Montessori nursery is often quieter and calmer than a traditional nursery environment and we often get comments from visitors that the children are very well behaved! They ask us if we ever have discipline problems. Discipline usually comes from the child as self-discipline (or self-regulation), which is learned in the Montessori environment through the use of the wonderful activities available every day. Re-direction to purposeful activity that meets a need of that child and inspires them to intense concentration, virtually eliminating the need for outward discipline.

The Montessori Preschool programme is purposefully designed to take advantage of a child’s sensitive years between the ages of 2 and 5 years.  Each activity in the environment has a specific purpose and the Montessori materials aid the child’s development of their sensory, numeric, language, scientific and practical skills.  They require the child to be active in their learning.
Children are free to select activities from a large range of attractive materials ensuring each child’s individual needs are met, and according to their specific interest range.  Children are allowed to set their own pace of learning, repeating the same activities as many times as they wish whether this is to practise their skills or just for the sheer satisfaction of success. 
Our aim is to assist children to become confident, independent and self-disciplined who can approach their future education with sound basic grounding in language and maths as well as an independent desire to develop to their fullest potential.  We aim to foster a passion for learning and exploration that will last your child a life-time, and instil in them moral values which respect the environment as well as people and their cultures.

The Sweetpeas Team

Jennifer Evans

Having initially trained as a Radiographer, I retrained as a Montessori teacher in 2000/2001 and joined Kiddiwinkles Montessori in Tokai, teaching with Carrie for the next 9 years.


In 2009 I relocated to the United Kingdom where my daughters now lived, taking care of twin granddaughters for almost a year before joining Marmalade Caterpillar where I have worked for the past 8 + years.    


We believe Priory Farm is a perfect place for our new Montessori Setting, and look forward to welcoming you and showing you around.  

Carrie Miller

I completed my Montessori training in 1997 and in 2000 opened a small preschool in my home. Jenny joined me a year later and we continued to build and run this happy setting together for the next 9 yrs. Jenny left in 2009 and I continued to run the school until the end of 2014 when I closed the school to join my grown up daughters who work and live in London.  


Since arriving in the U.K. I have worked at the Marmalade schools in Wandsworth and Brasted Montessori and am now very excited to open Sweetpeas Montessori with Jenny, in September.